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The Difference between a Pastel and Oil Painting

The true nature and definition of pastel is to be dry. It is not a wet medium like most forms of painting. It is pigment in a dry stick form and can be applied by stick, Hand or brush. It’s dry stick like quality allows pastel to have a close association with drawing. Painting on the other hand, is defined as the application of paint, pigment or color to a surface. It commonly relies on a brush for Application. I also use my fingers for softening.

I let my clients decide between the two mediums. Oil tends to be more associated with the traditional and classical style. For Oil painting I use a high grade Belgium Linen on Stretcher board or mounted on board. My paints are of the highest museum grade quality.

The pastels are hand made and also museum grade quality. The pastels are on a special handmade watercolor paper and for larger works museum board.

I can advice you on the best way to have your artwork framed to protect them and recommend Framers I trust.

Both styles take the same amount of skill and the prices reflect this accordingly.